Tuesday taster: 22/08/2017

Hi all,

During my holidays, I have been reading The Angry Chef: bad science and the truth about healthy eating. It’s an absolutely great book if you want to read about food related pseudoscience and a chef’s views on it. Yesterday, I learned about a New Phytologist Tansley review that dives into the role of a healthy diet for our health– a really interesting read!

My holidays were partly in Switzerland, where I spent the past five years of my life. One of my favourite areas, and one I often visit, is the area around Les Diablerets. This year (just before I went there for a trail run race up to the glacier), the retreating ice revealed the preserved bodies of a couple that had disappeared in 1942. Something I definitively will use in lecture about Global Change Biology.

Further, social media made me aware that last Sunday was anniversary of the day (1858) that Charles Darwin & Alfred Russel Wallace’s papers on evolution were published.

For our United States’ based readers who have been watching the solar eclipse; here is how it works and here is how spiders get tricked by it.

Registration for the ‘Ecology Across Borders’ conference (BES-GFÖ-NECOV is now open at the Earlybird rate! If you want to meet up with us, we will be in beautiful Ghent.

Best, Bjorn

Bjorn Robroek is the blog editor for Functional Ecologists.bjorn




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