Tuesday Tasters: 28/11/2017

Recently accepted in Functional Ecology, a very interesting paper describing environmental conditions as an important determinant for the phenology of bird plumage. Nature Ecology & Evolution last week published a paper that shows that the effects of biodiversity on ecosystem multifunctionality increase with increasing number of functions. These findings are in stark contrast with a paper published just over 5 months earlier, which makes the … Continue reading Tuesday Tasters: 28/11/2017

Tuesday Tasters: 21/11/2017

Already sideways highlighted by Jennifer last week, Nature Ecology and Evolution have published a list of the 100 articles every ecologist should read. Many critical notes have followed (have a look for yourself); for example on how the list has been compiled, the average age of the listed paper (c. 38 years old), its gender bias, etc. I am excited to read these critiques and … Continue reading Tuesday Tasters: 21/11/2017

Tuesday Tasters: 14/11/17

Bjorn’s away, so this week’s Tuesday Tasters are from me. Researchers used digital animation to examine how the effectiveness of a lizard’s territorial display varies across ecological environments and conditions (with video abstract!) For anyone interested in public engagement, Sense about Science have published a new (and free) guide- grab Public Engagement: a practical guide here.   (Case study is from medicine, but the principles are … Continue reading Tuesday Tasters: 14/11/17

Tuesday taster: 31/10/2017

Published today in Functional Ecology: a study by Griffiths et al. on the links between traits, demography and species abundance in a predator-prey-resource background a study by Lea et al. describing the use of non-invasive physiological markers to identify the population dynamics in Zebra. And again…consider travelling to ‘Ecology without Borders’ by train. Ecologists need to set the example; one conference paper at the moment … Continue reading Tuesday taster: 31/10/2017

Tuesday taster: 24/10/2017

[Eds note: The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that this Tuesday taster has actually gone online on a Thursday… Sorry everyone, especially Bjorn – Jennifer and I were out of the office and unable to post on the right day. Normal service will be resumed next week! – Emilie, Functional Ecology Managing Editor.] Ecology without Borders registration closed! More than a day before closure of … Continue reading Tuesday taster: 24/10/2017

Tuesday taster: 10/10/2017

This week in Functional Ecology, a very interesting paper on how feeding behaviour and diet have been instrumental in shaping waterfowl beak shape . The author, Aaron Olsen, also put together a tutorial on how to create a “backtransform morphospace” in R. Two independent studies, published in Nature, show that mobility in research increases impact. If you want to move to a new lab; what … Continue reading Tuesday taster: 10/10/2017