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About Us is the official blog of Functional Ecology, a journal of the British Ecological Society. This blog looks at the work (and the people at work) behind the published research.

Who We Are

Blog Editors

Anna Doty and Hugo

Anna and Hugo
Anna and Hugo

Anna Doty (

Anna is an Assistant Professor at California State University, Bakersfield. Anna’s works on unravelling the complex set of evolutionary adaptations animals employ to cope with environmental constraints, both in controlled settings and in the wild. In particular, she is interested in investigating how animals respond physiologically to the direct or indirect consequences of disturbance, such as thermoregulatory and behavioral responses to fire.

“I am primarily interested in scientific communication and accessibility, particularly for undergraduate/graduate students and early career researchers. I hope to promote FunctionalEcologists as a sounding board for new and aspiring scientists to draw inspiration from recently accepted papers in Functional Ecology, hindsight discussions, and from more personal anecdotal information from our interviews. Ultimately, I would like to foster confidence in researchers to do great science and publish their important findings, while concurrently providing accessible scientific summaries and explanations of research and spotlights on ecology and ecologists.”

Hugo Saiz (

Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland 
Hugo is a researcher at the Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland. Hugo’s research focuses on understanding the role that biotic interactions play in plant communities. Particularly, he is interested in developing methods to characterize biotic interactions in plant communities, and unraveling the connection between interactions, environmental drivers and ecosystem functioning.

“Traditionally, research papers have been the “way to go” for scientists to communicate their findings. However, these papers only show a limited part of what working in sciences means, and are mostly intended for readers with a scientific background. This limits the communication between scientists and citizens, a particularly daunting problem for ecology as society environmental concern increases every year. FunctionalEcologists is the perfect platform to present the other side of ecology, showing the history behind research work, highlighting ecological relevant findings and giving the opportunity to ecologists in any career stage to tell what they love about ecology.”

You can read Anna and Hugo’s introduction post here.

Jennifer Meyer – Senior Assistant Editor

Jennifer is the senior assistant editor for Functional Ecology. Jennifer is responsible for coordinating the peer review process for Functional Ecology, managing the editorial board,and maintaining our social media presence via twitter and  facebook and runs Functional Ecology’s plain language summary blog. Jennifer also produces and runs workshops on publishing and peer review for researchers. Jennifer previously worked at Nature as part of the Editorial, News, Comment and Online team.

What we publish

In Insights, researchers tell us the story behind a recent publication in Functional Ecology: what inspired the authors to do the research, how project developed and what wider impact might the work have.

This section looks at community news and events, including conference reports, awards and general updates from the world of ecological research.

In this series, researchers look back at the history of a research field or highlight a historical piece of research that was -and is- significant to them, looking at both classic and forgotten papers, and exploring how past research shapes our current knowledge

In our Insite/Out column, we follow four ecologists from different fields in their daily work. These researchers take us along the ups and downs of their field and lab work. As well as our regular contributors, we also publish field-to-lab stories from other ecologists.

Journal Content
This section is for news directly related to the journal Functional Ecology, including new issues, special features, awards, policies and editorial board changes.

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