Ecology of Soil Microorganisms meeting 2018 in Helsinki (17-21 June)

Elly_lachendPreviously organized by Peter Baldrian (and held in Prague), for the first time the Ecology of Soil Microorganisms conference was hosted by Taina Pennanen and Hannu Fritze of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), and was held in the Kulttuuritalo in the centre of Helsinki. Elly Morriën, a soil ecologist at the University of Amsterdam and Associate Editor for Functional Ecology, attended the meeting and reported back.

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Announcing the first OpenTraits workshop – 4-5 August, 2018, New Orleans

Spanning animal and plant biology – the critical need for an Open Traits initiative across biology

Announcing the first OpenTraits workshop

August 4-5, 2018, prior to the Ecological Society of America annual meetings, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA are launching their inaugural  OpenTraits workshop ( this summer. This workshop is part of a coordinated, international series of meetings focused on facilitating open collaboration and standardization in the collection and sharing of trait data. Find out more about their mission and this meeting here.

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Women in Science – Incentives don’t match the goals

For International Women and Girls in Science day we have a guest post from some of the leaders of the 500 Women Scientists movement, Terry Bilinski, Emily Lescak and Kelly Ramirez. Their mission is to serve society by making science open, inclusive, and accessible.

For more than a decade, we have been engaged in a vigorous dialogue about the barriers to creating a more equitable scientific community in terms of gender balance and cultural background. There has been a concerted effort from many different perspectives to better understand and communicate about the issue through original research 1 2 3 4, review articles and reports by think tanks and government agencies 5 6, conference sessions and workshops (for example), not to mention innumerable opinion pieces in publications ranging from Science to US News and World Report to the Huffington Post. Millions of dollars in funding through foundations and government agencies have been dedicated to efforts directed at increasing diversity and equity in STEM. A large majority of the scientific community has raised their hand and said, “Yes, creating equity in the sciences is important.” And yet, the problem still looms large.

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A personal view on EAB from Bjorn Robroek

From 11 to 14 December 2017, the British Ecological Society, the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GFÖ), NecoV (the ecological society of the Netherlands and Flanders) and the European Ecological Federation organized a ‘border-crossing event’ in the historic city of Ghent, Belgium. A full-house, with over 1500 delegates from across the globe delivering about 600 presentations spread over 72 parallel sessions. Ecology Across Borders was a 72-hour period of fantastic science, meeting old friend, making new ones; all in the setting of wonderful and picturesque Ghent.

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Meet the SIGS! Aquatic Ecology Group

Next week is the Ecology Across Boarders meeting in Ghent. At the meeting, a number of the BES Special Interest Groups are running workshops, social events and meet-ups. To find out more about the SIGs, we’ve invited them to talk about who they are, what they do, what to look out for at the Ecology Across Borders meeting, and what their plans are for 2018.

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International peatland workshop: Carbon Cycling in Boreal Peatlands and Climate Change II – Hyytiälä revisited

by Bjorn Robroek

25 years ago, from September 28 to October 1st 1992, about 50 peatland scientists got together in the Hyytiälä Forestry Station in Southern Finland to discuss the latest knowledge on carbon cycling in peatlands. 25 years later, on September 25 to September 28, 2017, a group of over 80 peatland scientists – including some of the 1992 participants: Harri Vasander, Nigel Roulet, Dicky Clymo, Line Rochefort, et al.­–  travelled (back) to Hyytiälä with a similar set of aims. The conference not only looked back at the first peatland meeting in Hyytiälä 25 years ago, but also celebrated the 100th anniversary of Finland.

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