Tuesday Tasters: 14/11/17

Bjorn’s away, so this week’s Tuesday Tasters are from me.

Researchers used digital animation to examine how the effectiveness of a lizard’s territorial display varies across ecological environments and conditions (with video abstract!)

For anyone interested in public engagement, Sense about Science have published a new (and free) guide- grab Public Engagement: a practical guide here.   (Case study is from medicine, but the principles are good whatever area you work in.)

And related, the BES and ZSL are running a workshop on communicating your science in February, with training on traditional and social media – tickets available now.

Check out the replies to this tweet from Terry McGlynn:

And for anyone that’s missed it (and has access), the BBC is currently airing Blue Planet 2, and it’s just as spectacular as you’d expect – the website has links to stream the episodes, plus information on getting involved in ocean conservation, how it was all made and bonus podcasts.

Jennifer Meyer is the Assistant Editor for Functional Ecology DSC_0066

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