32.10: Behind the cover

New issue! And there’s a lot of extra content to go with it:

Cover for issue 32x10 of Functional_EcologyThis issue includes Emma Sayer (Functional Ecology’s Reviews Editor)’s The anatomy of an excellent review paper. In this paper (free access), she explains the characters of a strong integrative review. And to go with it, in our latest podcast, Emma and Ken Thompson talk about what makes a good review, where to find a possible topic for one and how to put one together.

In his Q&A, Régis Céréghin talks about three papers also published in 32×10, Dézerald et al’s Functional traits and environmental conditions predict community isotopic niches and energy pathways across spatial scales, Céréghino et al’s Constraints on the functional trait space of aquatic invertebrates in bromeliads and González et al’s Ecological mechanisms and phylogeny shape invertebrate stoichiometry: A test using detritus‐based communities across Central and South America.  Shawn Leroux’s FE Spotlight: Ecological, evolutionary, and geographical correlates of variation in consumer elemental composition (also in this issue) gives additional commentary on González et al’s Ecological mechanisms and phylogeny shape invertebrate stoichiometry. Angélica L. González has also joined FE’s editorial board – see her profile here, where she talks about her research and picks a few papers to check out.

And for some more author commentary, Tyler Refsland also talks about his paper Fire increases drought vulnerability of Quercus alba juveniles by altering forest microclimate and nitrogen availability in this recent Insight.

Plus more papers on Plant Physiological Ecology, Plant‐Animal Interactions, Animal Physiological Ecology, Evolutionary Ecology, Community Ecology, Ecosystem Ecology.

For the plain language explanation of all papers published in this issue, go to our plain language summaries blog.


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