Noémie Pichon: decomposition disentangled

2021 Update – The paper discussed in this blog by Noémie Pichon is shortlisted for the 2020 Haldane Prize. This blog is also available in French.

Noémie A. Pichon, a PhD student in the Allan Lab, talks about her recent paper Decomposition disentangled: a test of the multiple mechanisms by which nitrogen enrichment alters litter decomposition, the background behind this paper and the next steps in this field.

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Jenn Rudgers SEV3 - photo by Kate Cunningham

Jennifer Rudgers: answers from long-term data in the drylands

In this post, Jennifer Rudgers, Professor of Biology at University of New Mexico and the current Director of the Sevilleta Long-Term Ecological Research Program in New Mexico, talks about her recent paper, Sensitivity of dryland plant allometry to climate, and the importance of long-term data.

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Anna Abrahao in the campos rupestres.

Anna Abrahão: rocks, roots and resiliance

In this post, Anna Abrahão, of the Universität Hohenheim, Germany, talks about how plants – and people – set roots on rocky terrain. About the paper Our paper is about plants that grow on rock outcrops in a very nutrient-poor ecosystem in mountaintops of Brazil called campos rupestres. Theseplantshave incredible roots that allow them to dissolve rock and mine phosphorus. We called these roots vellozioid … Continue reading Anna Abrahão: rocks, roots and resiliance