Oscar between an annual prairie in Sierra Norte (Spain) and an algae community in Mull Island (UK) searching for generalities across ecosystems.

AE Profile: Oscar Godoy

Oscar is community ecologist focused on answering two fundamental questions in ecology. 1) Which are the determinants of species coexistence and exclusion within ecological communities, and 2) Which are the consequences of these coexistence dynamics for ecosystem functioning? Approaches to tackle these questions include the combination of ecological theory with observational studies, manipulative experiments and a strong component of statistical modelling. He has just started MESSY lab (Mediterranean Ecological Studies and SYnthesis lab) at the University of Cádiz (Spain), which aims to investigate mechanisms of species coexistence across multiple trophic levels in both terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Oscar es un ecólogo de comunidades centrado en contestar dos preguntas fundamentales en Ecología. 1) ¿Cuáles son los determinantes de coexistencia y exclusión de especies en las comunidades ecológicas?, y 2) ¿Cuáles son las consecuencias de estas dinámicas de coexistencia para el funcionamiento de los ecosistemas? Las aproximaciones para manejar estas preguntas incluyen la combinación de teoría ecológica con estudios observacionales, experimentos manipulativos y un fuerte componente de modelización estadística. Oscar acaba de empezar MESSY lab (Laboratorio de Estudios Ecológicos Mediterráneos y Síntesis) en la Universidad de Cádiz (España), el cual tiene por intención investigar los mecanismos de coexistencia de especies contenidas en múltiples niveles tróficos tanto para ecosistemas terrestres como marinos.

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Associate Editor Profile: Angélica L. González

Angélica L. González
Angélica L. González

We’re happy to welcome Angélica L. González, of the Department of Biology and Center for Computational and Integrative Biology, Rutgers University, to our Editorial Board.

Angélica has broad interests in community and ecosystem ecology and her work combines experiments, surveys, data synthesis, and meta-analysis to understand how changes in the availability of energy and matter constrain and shape the structure and function of ecological systems across spatial and temporal scales.

Find out more about Angélica’s research and her approach to ecology here.

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Associate Editor Profile: Adam Martin

We’re happy to welcome Adam Martin, (University of Toronto at Scarborough, Canada) to the board. Adam is a forest- and agro- ecologist interested in plant ecophysiology, plant functional traits, forest carbon dynamics, and ecosystem functioning. He works in both natural and managed terrestrial ecosystems in temperate and tropical regions.

Find out more about Adam, his research and his approach to ecology here.

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Marko Spasojevic

Associate Editor Profile: Marko J Spasojevic

Marko Spasojevic
Marko Spasojevic

We’re happy to welcome Marko J Spasojevic, (University of California Riverside, USA) to the board. Marko is community ecologist working at the interface of ecology, biogeography, and conservation. His broad goal is to understand the mechanisms that influence patterns of biodiversity, and then to use that understanding to address environmental issues. His research combines large-scale observational studies across biogeographic regions, field experiments, functional and phylogenetic approaches, and advanced statistics and modeling to address environmental issues and to explore fundamental questions in ecology

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Tom Houslay on a boat

Associate Editor Profile: Tom Houslay

We’re happy to welcome Tom Houslay, (Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, UK) to the board. Tom is an evolutionary ecologist whose research focuses on how genetic, environmental and social factors interact to shape multivariate phenotypes. He uses a combination of experimental manipulations and correlative (individual and quantitative genetic) studies to investigate variation in – and covariation between – life history and labile traits, including … Continue reading Associate Editor Profile: Tom Houslay