Insights: Sean Gleason

In Insights we discover the story behind and beyond a recent publication in Functional Ecology. What inspired the authors to do the research, how did the project develop and what implications might their results have on the scientific community and on society?

This week, Sean Gleason from the Water Management and Systems Research Unit, USDA-ARS, Fort Collins, USA will illustrate his recent paper on predicting shrub and tree growth from plant traits (read the free plain language summary here.)

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Tuesday taster: 08/08/2017

Bjorn’s still away, so this week’s Tuesday Tasters are from me: Over on the Journal of Ecology Blog, When are traits functional? (and for a bonus, anyone at ESA can go to their symposium on the subject this afternoon). And for anyone that can’t make it to ESA, there’s a BES-ESA Virtual Issue on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services A helpful guide from BirdandMoon on Which … Continue reading Tuesday taster: 08/08/2017