32.11: Behind the cover

2018-Functional_Ecolog32x11yOur cover image shows a common pill millipede (Glomeris marginata) on a decomposing oak leaf, surrounded by its faecal pellets. The conversion of decomposing leaf litter into faeces by this detritivore species accelerates C and N dynamics and reshuffles the control of litter traits on decomposition. (Photo credit: Mathieu Coulis.)

This image comes from Joly et al’s  Litter conversion into detritivore faeces reshuffles the quality control over C and N dynamics during decomposition. This article was also the subject of our latest FE Spotlight from Elly Morriën and Cindy E. Prescott, Pellets or particles? How can we predict the effect of soil macro‐arthropods on litter decomposition? And for more on this topic, Coq et al’s  Intraspecific variation in litter palatability to macroarthropods in response to grazing and soil fertility is also in this issue. For more on this, you can listen to Sylvain Coq’s podcast with Ken Thompson.


Plus more papers on Animal Physiological Ecology, Behavioural Ecology,  Community Ecology and Ecosystem Ecology

For the plain language explanation of all papers published in this issue, go to our plain language summaries blog.


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