Tuesday taster: 29/08/2017

Writing in Functional Ecology, Wang and his colleagues describe the results of a decomposition experiment focussed on standing litter. Great stuff, and I’m sure their results hold in many more ecosystems.

My long-term collaborator, Vincent Jassey, has written an interesting blog post on protists and their likely importance in the ecology of tank-bromeliads in the tropics. I could not refrain in sharing this with you.

I enjoyed reading a post on the dynamic ecology blog by Abe Miller-Rushing and Richard B Primack on co-author behavior. Bottom line, if you ask me, is to continuously look in the mirror and ask yourself if your behavior matches what you expect from others. And if things still go wrong, communicate!

Last week I saw an unexpected Function of Ecology. In attempt to integrate in to UK society (to be honest, I was looking for a food related TV program) I watched Nadiya’s British Food Adventure. I was amazed to see that you could cook a curry that smells and tastes like an Indian curry with only ingredients from Scotland.


Bjorn Robroek is the blog editor for Functional Ecologists.bjorn



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