Numair Masud: People of Colour

To celebrate UK Pride Month, the British Ecological Society journals have re-launched ‘Rainbow Research’ – a blog series which aims to promote the visibility of STEM researchers from the LGBTQ+ community by connecting each post to a theme represented by one of the colours shown in the Progress Pride flag. In this new post, Numair Masud, a Senior Research Technician from Cardiff University, UK, discusses … Continue reading Numair Masud: People of Colour

Lara Ferry: Research in Many Languages

Hello Readers! Wonderful to be saying hello to you again, as Senior Editor, and to be able highlight some really fun items in Functional Ecology (couldn’t resist). In this blog post, I will actually be focusing on the blog itself. You might have noticed recently that some of the blog posts, particularly those under the “Behind the Paper” tab, are written in languages other than English. … Continue reading Lara Ferry: Research in Many Languages