32.03: Behind the cover

Issue 32.03

2018-32x03The cover of Issue 32×03 shows a Columbian ground squirrel emerging from its burrow after a late spring snowfall in the Sheep River provincial park, Alberta, Canada (photo credit: Juliette Rabdeau). In this issue, Viblanc and colleagues investigated the relationships between maternal investment into reproduction and maternal oxidative stress in female ground squirrels that breed using daily energy income.

Also in this issue, Barot’s FE Spotlight on Mudrák & Frouz’s Earthworms increase plant biomass more in soil with no earthworm legacy than in earthworm‐mediated soil, and favour late successional species in competition asks Can we predict the long‐term impact of earthworms on plant successions?

Read the issue here or browse the plain language summaries here.

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