31.07 – Behind the cover

2017 31x07Functional_Ecology-1

Issue 31.07 is out now.  The cover photograph shows co-existing tree species, both conifer and broad-leaved trees, in the Cirque de Saint Même in the Alps (Chartreuse mountain range, France), and comes from Chauvet et al’s Using a forest dynamics model to link community assembly processes and traits structure, which shows that process-based forest gap-models can help to test whether functional traits composition reveal the signature of community assembly processes. This process-based approach challenges the classical view on the links between traits and mechanisms driving community assembly. Photo by Emmanuel Defossez.

Also in this issue is our latest review from Alexandre Budria, Beyond troubled waters: the influence of eutrophication on host–parasite interactions—the focus of our recent Insight.

You can also read the free plain language summaries for this issue here, including  a video for Coelho et al‘s paper A ‘striking’ relationship: scorpion defensive behaviour and its relation to morphology and performance.

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