Festival of Ecology – Functional Ecology On Demand Playlist

Attending Festival of Ecology from a different timezone? Have a busy week? Never fear! There are hundreds of on demand talks, posters and activities you can get involved with. Here’s our pick from our own talented team of editor. Put the kettle on and tune in when you’re ready.


  • Effects of temperature on mating behaviour and mating success: a meta-analysisNatalie Pilakouta
  • Immediate effects of intraspecific song competition on the song of male Lincoln’s sparrowsKeith Sockman
  • A reduction in niche differences explains the decrease of species diversity with land use intensityOscar Godoy
  • Networks of epiphytic lichens and host trees along elevation gradients: climate change implications in mountain rangesHugo Saiz
  • Will plant-microbe interactions help or hinder managed relocation?Marko Spasojevic
  • Exploring the role of invasive alien species in zoonotic disease transmissionHelen Roy
  • Linking microbial extracellular enzymes with soil carbon dynamics under nitrogen loading and experimental warmingJi Chen
  • Unusually paced life history strategies of marine megafauna drive atypical sensitivities to environmental changeIsabel Smallegange


  • Enhancing ecosystem services in apple orchards: nest boxes increase pest control by insectivorous birdsDaniel García
  • Transpiration and transporters: teasing apart passive and active transport of plant siliconJulia Cooke
  • Do endotherms have thermal performance curves?Danielle Levesque
  • Pollinators and visitors to Gymnadenia orchids: historical and modern data reveal associations between insect proboscis and floral nectar spur lengthKelsey Byers

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