32.06– Behind the cover

2018-32x06Issue 32.06 is out now (plain language summaries here), and includes a new cross-journal Special Feature: Linking Organismal Functions, Life History Strategies and Population Performance (joint with Journal of Animal Ecology and Journal of Ecology.) This special feature showcases state‐of‐the‐art research applying trait‐based and demographic approaches to examine relationships between organismal function, life history strategies and population performance across multiple kingdoms.

Functional Ecology’s contribution includes the editorial, in which Special Feature Editors Roberto Salguero-Gómez, Cyrille Violle, Olivier Gimenez and Dylan Childs discuss Delivering the promises of trait‐based approaches to the needs of demographic approaches, and vice versa. Dustin J. Marshall, Amanda K. Pettersen and Hayley Cameron offer A global synthesis of offspring size variation, its eco‐evolutionary causes and consequences., while Giulia Ghedini, Craig R. White and Dustin J. Marshall look at Metabolic scaling across succession: Do individual rates predict community‐level energy use? and Lia Leibman, Anne Rowe, Matthew H. Koski, Laura F. Galloway show how Populations with greater flexibility in floral traits modify mating system in response to the pollinator environment

Our cover photo, also from this Special Feature, shows black-browed albatrosses breeding on Kerguelen Islands at Canyon des Sourcils Noirs (French Southern Territories). Photo credit: Henri Weimerskirch.


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